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Samantha Cieslinski Podcaster/Content Creator, The Running Wine Mom Podcast

Family Focus Media is proud to recognize Samantha Cieslinski with a Women of Influence Award.

“The Running Wine Mom podcast serves as a platform to amplify the stories of these remarkable individuals, as well as men who contribute to this shared journey, highlighting their accomplishments, challenges, and the positive changes they bring to society. In my podcast episodes, I engage in meaningful conversations with influential figures in the community and across the country, encouraging them to share their experiences and insights. By providing a supportive space for women and parents alike, I empower them to embrace their true selves and foster a sense of community where they can find solace, support, and strength in their everyday lives. I aim to dispel the notion of isolation, proving that no one walks this path alone.”
  Samantha is the founder of the Running Wine Mom podcast, as well as a wife and mother of two. She is also a high school Health & Physical Education teacher with a degree in Health Education and Physical education as well as a masters in Athletic Coaching.   Samantha created the Running Wine Mom Podcast with the goal of supporting individuals while they strive to strike a balance between their roles as parents while also pursuing personal fulfillment.  

Hard Work and Giving Back

  While not in her podcast world, Samantha helps students every day as a teacher and coach, which she has done for 13 and 10 years, respectively. Samantha listens to her students and has helped many of them navigate their social, school, family struggles and more. She also helps run a program called Leading Ladies, which connects high school students with intermediate students to help them grow and learn how to lead in their future. Through her podcast, Samantha has had the privilege of featuring numerous women entrepreneurs who have established successful businesses in Bucks County. By providing a platform for these women to share their stories, she has witnessed firsthand how their businesses have gained increased visibility and recognition. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that my podcast has played a role in helping these talented and hardworking individuals reach a broader audience and connect with potential customers,” says Samantha.

Point of Pride

  Samantha’s dedication to highlighting women-run businesses in Bucks County stands as her proudest achievement because it merges her passion for storytelling, empowerment, and community support. The project has fostered a sense of community and support among these women entrepreneurs, allowing them to connect with other like-minded individuals and share their experiences.Seeing the positive impact on the featured entrepreneurs and the local community has reinforced her belief in the importance of elevating women’s voices and celebrating their contributions to the business world.    “This project has brought me immense fulfillment and has inspired me to continue shining a spotlight on remarkable women and their remarkable achievements.”

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