Celebrate mom with these great events in and around Bucks County.

Color and draw to win and help us thank the local business and non-profit leaders who make raising kids in Bucks County so great!

Get to know our Bucks County Members!

Bucks County Parent connects you with your village and the BEST local resources

Moving to Bucks County Guide

Whether you're moving from the city to the 'burbs or relocating from out of state, the Bucks County Parent Community can help you find the resources you need!

Albert Einstein once said that “the only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” And we couldn’t agree more.

New Hope Pennsylvania, a small town with big-city feels.

Find a new spot to start your morning or restart your afternoon!

Bucks County Parent Members make moving to Bucks County a breeze!

Bucks County Summer Camp Guide

This Bucks County Parent Summer Camp Guide was created to help you get ready for the best summer yet with our Camp Partners!

Since we can't gather with you for a Camp Fair in person this year, our team is bringing Bucks County Parent Camp Partners' Directors and Staff DIRECTLY to you!

Meet the Bucks County Parent Camp Partners and read their stories!

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