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Philadelphia Family All Kinds of Kids Guide

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Every child is special, but for certain students, their education and enrichment activities need to be, as well. If your child has a learning difference, is gifted, or has another special need that you want to have addressed, scroll and click through this guide to learn about some local resources for All Kinds of Kids around Philadelphia.


Our Philly Family team hopes to encourage you with resources and if you are looking for a personal referral or connection, please join the conversation in our Philly Family Community group on Facebook.


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As Seen In The Philadelphia Family Education Guide

Get To Know These Local Schools,
Where Learning Differences are Supported and Celebrated:

If you've been searching for a school for your gifted learner, learn why The Grayson School could be the right fit.

AIM students are exceeding national fluency norms for average rate of improvement, not simply compared to peers with learning differences, but as compared to all students nationally.

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