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Kids Castle: A Timeless Kingdom for Children of All Abilities

Since its extensive renovation project in 2022, the beloved playground has held as a fortress for children of all abilities.

Just minutes from the county courthouse and historic district of downtown Doylestown, tucked away in the scenic hills of Central Park in the Township of Doylestown, rises a majestic playground known to all throughout the land as Kids Castle. Inspired by the castles of Henry Chapman Mercer, this nationally recognized and award-winning playground has attracted children locally and nationally since it was constructed in 1997. In fact, this author has countless fond memories climbing its towers as a little girl!

Kids Castle Playground has stood as a staple of the Doylestown area since 1997.

Extensive Renovations Over the Years

Having been constructed primarily with special pressure-treated wood and the best materials available back in the 90s, a safety inspection performed in 2012 determined that the Castle and the surrounding play structures were reaching the end of their lifespan. The wear and tear had caused significant decay and damage and despite regular and thorough maintenance by the Doylestown Township staff, the structures needed immediate attention.

In response, the Friends of Kids Castle committee was created. Each year as needed, the committee reconvenes to address the aging facility needs, money is raised, and volunteers are rounded up in large numbers in order to keep this special playground running as smoothly and as safely as possible, to the delight of community members. To date, nearly $600,000 has been raised to keep this playground up to date.

Most recently, the eight story wooden playground was closed for several months in early 2022 for the construction of two new inclusive play areas to meet the needs of children with a variety of abilities at all ends of the spectrum. Play features are also included for children with visual impairment, hearing impairment, autism/SPD, mobility impairment, and cognitive disabilities.

Kids Castle Today – A Timeless Kingdom for All

Transcend centuries and step into a magical medieval world, seven days of the week, from sunrise to sunset.

First generation Kids Castle visitors return with their children

The playground is divided into four sections, or kingdoms. Based on age and ability, they’re complete with several slides, swings, a treehouse and a rocket ship.

“Families, this is the real deal. Imagine you dreamed up an 8-story wooden castle that was ‘your’ size where you can pretend to be pirates, race your friends in the dual 40-foot tall racing slides, and more importantly, hide where your parents can’t find you and if they go looking, it’s kid-sized friendly so that you can beat them to the top! That’s Kids Castle, designed for kids but safe for adults,” says Jon B., Doylestown resident since 1998 and father of four.

Though the castle, its slides, swings, treehouse and rocket ship are specifically designed for children ages 5 through 12, the park is clearly a winner for kids from 1 to 92! And if playgrounds aren’t your thing, take advantage of Central Park’s 108-acre area, which is complete with trails, pavilions, athletic facilities and open space in addition to its unique, castle-style playscape. 

We hope your family loves Kids Castle as much as ours does!

For more information, visit the official Kids Castle website.

Photos courtesy of Christine Wolkin

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