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Baking Up Job Skills and Confidence at Buckingham’s Bake Ability

Bake Ability is offering delicious handcrafted treats while providing invaluable job training and employment for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

At first glance, Bake Ability appears to be a charming local bakery purveying delectable baked goods in the Buckingham Green Shopping Center. However, this establishment goes far beyond tempting the taste buds of its customers. It’s on a profound mission to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities through job training and employment opportunities. Bake Ability was named the Bucks County Parent’s 2024 LOVE Award Inclusivity Champion, thanks to nominations from local parents who love and trust them:

“Their cookies are amazing! What a great cause, such wonderful people here. Will be a frequent visitor, excited to try more. Highly recommend!!!”

– Rochelle S.

“I love everything about Bake Ability- from their mission to their baked goods- definitely a must visit! The staff was welcoming, polite, exchanged lovely conversation about the beautiful weather and showed genuine appreciation for purchasing! The peanut butter bar was absolutely delectable, along with the large chocolate chip cookies! I will definitely recommend to family who live in the area and will definitely stop in when I’m in the area visiting!”

– Deb T.

Inclusive Bakery Provides Job Training in Bucks County

The harsh reality is that unemployment within the intellectual disability community is significantly higher than the national average. Bake Ability is committed to changing that by creating jobs and giving individuals the opportunity to learn a trade,  as well as grow and serve the community in the baking industry.

“We are just trying to spread the word about how employable and capable our young adults are, and given any opportunity, they continue to learn new skills and make a contribution to their community” says the bakery’s owner, Paula Fasciano of Pipersville. “We hope that our training program will allow our current employees to maybe move on to even more meaningful employment in the future so that we can bring in and train even more individuals with special abilities.” The bakery celebrated its 3rd anniversary this past February, now employing 20 individuals with developmental disabilities on a part-time basis.

In addition to the freshly baked delicacies lining the bakery’s display cases, Bake Ability’s greatest offering may be the powerful sense of purpose it provides its employees. These individuals get to showcase their capabilities while tapping into their passions. Bake Ability’s employees are eager to learn, make meaningful contributions to society, and hone their skills under the guidance of their mentors. 

Buckingham’s Bake Ability: More Than Just Baked Goods

More than just a place of business, Bake Ability is a beacon of inclusivity. It’s the manifestation of the “Recipe for Life” program envisioned by local parents to combat staggering unemployment rates in the disabled community. Donations can also be made at therecipeforlife.org to further their meaningful work.

For patrons, there’s the gratification of not just indulging in delicious baked goods but supporting an organization making a profound impact in their community. Each visit is an opportunity to celebrate inclusion, empowerment and the talents of this deserving workforce.

To experience Bake Ability’s delectable creations and inspiring mission firsthand, pay a visit to their Buckingham location. Beyond just delighting taste buds, Bake Ability is serving up a inspiring message about the valuable contributions the disability community can make when given the proper supportive opportunities. Stop by this unique bakery to experience the delectable results of passion, perseverance and inclusivity.

Photos courtesy of Bake Ability.

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