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Kidology Introduces Therapeutic Play for Your Child at Their Playspace in Southampton

Learn about Kidology's Southampton playspace, therapy center, and birthday party venue all-in-one!

At Kidology, their number one goal is to help every child reach their developing milestones and that goal just got a lot more fun! 

From Speech Therapy to Behavior Services; Physical Therapy to Occupational Therapy, Kidology is a Special Education School with locations both in Philadelphia and Bucks County that offers a wide range of interventions for children who require extra support in their early years. And now, those services are boasted by an all new, state-of-the-art facility, their new Playspace at their Southampton location, which opened to the public in 2023.

“We’re in this business to help families help their children succeed and we’re happy to also offer them a happy and safe place for them to go connect and play together,” says Luba Patlakh Kaplun, Director and Head Speech-Language Pathologist at Kidology.

 The Southampton Playspace

Located at 928 Jaymor Road, Unit C-150,  in the same building that houses their administrative and clinic spaces, Kidology’s Southampton Playspace is a unique indoor pediatric sensory gym built with a purpose.

Luba says they worked with a manufacturer that helped “to incorporate the best tools for children on a global spectrum of needs.” Some of these features include padded stairs, various slides, a trampoline, a soft play mommy and me carousel, and a giant ball pit.

While children attending the school for services are welcome to receive their therapy in the Playspace, Luba says the space is first and foremost, available to the public and encourages parents to come in for a free tour of the facility.

“You can come here with your children for open play any day of the week, Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.” said Luba, adding that children who receive therapy at their school can also receive therapy in the Playspace if they choose. Parents can simply walk in with their children, sign a waiver, and get to playing!

What You’ll Find in the Playspace

“We have so many exciting activities for the kids. They can go on two different types of slides; jump around in the jungle gym itself, climbing, getting to different areas of the jungle gym; they can swim in the ball pit. We have a trampoline – we have a lot of talented kids come, they do flips and dives,” says Luba. 

The Playspace also features a tiny town, complete with a restaurant, a police station and a fire station where children can dress up in costumes, play make believe and save the day!

Additionally, the Playspace will feature themed events and sensory activities, like kinetic sand, for kids to interact with. 

Designed for children ages 0 through 8, their Open Play pass includes 3 hours of play for only $14.50. Kids ages 1 and under are free with a sibling and $7.50 without.  “Playgrounds and indoor play spaces are some of our favorite things around here, and this one was definitely a hit. This new play space is definitely worth checking out. It’s bright, clean and cheerful with activities that kids that like both physical and imaginative play would enjoy,” said parent and local blogger Michelle Reese.

Birthday Parties in the Playspace

Looking for a great place to host your child’s next birthday party that’s both fun and purposeful? Kidology offers a Birthday Party package for their Southampton Playspace. 

Designed for kids ages 0 through 8, the package includes three hours of private party time for up to 12 kids (additional kid $10), private room and bathrooms, paper goods in the color of your choice, water or juice for the kids, and staff present and happy to greet guests and collect gifts.  

To schedule your private party, call 215-330-4116 or visit https://kidologyinc.com/playspace/“We are also planning various theme events for different parties,” says Luba, so make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

The facility is accessible by public transportation, walking distance from multiple schools and centers, as well as offers plenty of parking space. Playspace is ADA compliant and accessible by wheelchair.

 Kidology’s Special Education School

Kidology is a cutting edge, multi-lingual therapeutic clinic and sensory gym unlike any other. Providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy along with their new behavior division is their passion. They love to see clients and their families succeed. They want to see children reach their developmental potential!

“I had a wonderful experience when Luba worked with my daughter to help with speech and comprehension. Luba was able to engage my child and teach her through fun activities and games! My daughter and Luba built a special relationship due to her passions and dedication in her work! She truly cares for the success of each child and family she works with and it was a positive experience working with her,” says Masha Zelenko. 

If you have concerns about your child’s early development, or have a diagnosis in-hand, Kidology is there to provide the comprehensive and compassionate services your child needs. You can learn more about the Kidology on their Profile Page and at kidologyinc.com or call 215-330-4116 to schedule an evaluation today!

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This story supports the Bucks County Parent Community and was written by Christine Wolkin.

Located in Northeast Philadelphia and Huntingdon Valley, Kidology, Inc. provides educational services in special needs and tutoring capacities. They offer therapies and instructional sessions for a wide range of developmental delays, including fine motor, speech, feeding and mobility issues. Kidology is happy to help your children reach their milestones. Contact them today!