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It’s possible for babies to sleep through the night and enjoy quiet naps without the battles and stress you’ve grown accustomed to. Welcome to a whole new world of sleep with Gift of Sleep!


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Gift of Sleep Consulting

Jennifer Schindele is the CEO and Founder of Gift of Sleep Consulting. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, Jennifer’s mission is to help parents give the gift of sleep to both their children and in turn, themselves. Her mission is executed by personalizing a step-by-step method to gently help teach the child to independently fall asleep, and stay asleep, the whole night through.

It’s possible for babies to sleep through the night and enjoy quiet naps without the battles and stress you’ve grown accustomed to. Welcome to a whole new world of sleep with Gift of Sleep!

Sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Take the first step towards a good night’s sleep and call Jennifer for a plan that’s tailored just for your family. Unsure about diving completely in, take advantage of a complimentary child sleep assessment by phone or Zoom with Jennifer.

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2023 LOVE Award Winner: Best Sleep Consulting

"I can't say enough awesome words to describe working with Jen. She is amazing!! I was dealing with 3 months of no sleep and fighting with my toddler to get back to bed due to some separation anxiety. It felt like a nightmare! Thankfully I found Jen and she has changed my life! I went from a non sleeping mom with anxiety going to bed knowing my child would be awaking up to being able to sleep great through the night since my toddler does! Jen is very knowledgeable about children's sleep patterns and more, she is very easy to work and communicate with and makes the whole process very easy as well. I felt like she really listened to my situation and was able to help and tweet the process as we went on day by day and week by week. From there my daughter started sleeping through the night by week two out of the four week program and has been staying strong since! I can't say enough other than if you need help doesn't hesitate to call you wont regret it!"


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2 reviews
  • Amanda Bertino

    I can’t thank Jennifer enough for the joy (and sleep) she’s brought our family! Our 1 yr old daughter was struggling through a terrible sleep regression due to an unfortunate disruption to her sleep pattern… we were literally stuck back in the newborn phase. After our meeting and sleep plan, she was sleeping through the night in 2 days. It’s been a few months now and she puts herself to sleep on her own and sleeps about 12 hours a night! She also naps like a champ! I couldn’t be more thankful and I recommend Jennifer to ANYONE who wants a great nights sleep!

  • Alex M.

    I truly recommend working with Jen if you have any insecurities about your child’s sleep. I had so much anxiety surrounding the sleep of our first child, Cameron. There are SO many resources out there on sleep – it can be incredibly overwhelming to try and figure out who to listen to and what to follow. We hired Jen when my son was about 4 months and we wanted to transition him from the Snoo bassinet to his crib. I was so worried! What if he didn’t get enough sleep? What if I was up all night? Sleep training terrified me too. I couldn’t imagine having to listen to my baby cry for hours. I quickly learned that those aren’t the only two options! Jen was there every step of the way. She gave me the confidence to know that my son had the ability to learn the sleeping skills he needed. Now, at just over 7 months old, he is sleeping through the night almost every night, 11 – 12 hours, alone in his crib. He also is a great napper, getting 3 hours+ of day sleep also in his crib. If you are anxious like me, hire Jen. Instead of your mom, your friends, or worse, the internet, let this unbiased expert be your sounding board and guide! The value her service and open communication provides is priceless.

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