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After the Stork is the Philadelphia area's premier postpartum doula agency, providing newborn care and support to ease the transition into parenthood.


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After the Stork

after the stork logo NEWAfter the Stork has been Philadelphia and the Main Line's premier postpartum doula agency since 2006. They provide day and overnight newborn care for a calm, restful transition to parenthood.

Postpartum Care

After the Stork's nationally-trained postpartum doulas are experienced mothers, and they offer one thing: postpartum care. The postpartum period is their specialty and all of their energy is put towards supporting your new family once your baby has arrived. They love to empower you as a parent; to boost your knowledge and confidence by teaching you evidence-based methods of caring for, and comforting, your precious newborn.

Support Services

After the Stork offers support with breastfeeding, developing a flexible routine, and learning to read your baby's cues and needs. Most of all, they'll help you to just relax and enjoy your special new arrival! They will tidy your house, organize your nursery, and be available to answer your questions as they arise. Since nighttime can be a challenging time for new parents, many of their clients request support during the overnight hours.


After the Stork is strongly committed to their clients, which is why Georgette has taken the intensive "Gentle Sleep Coach" training course. She saw the need to learn as much as she could about infant sleep and how to encourage great sleep habits, and she is available to all of her clients to guide and troubleshoot through sleep issues at no additional charge. Their goal is a great night of sleep for your entire family, and we want to get your baby sleeping through the night as soon as possible. They aim to work ourselves right out of the job!

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    Working with the doulas at After the Stork was an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone in the area looking to get post partum care in the area. My husband and I just rave about the service and the time that we had to help me recover, and give my husband the sleep he needed to effectively manage our two year old as well as juggle work. The help was invaluable.

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