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Bucks County Women in Business Summit Celebrates Local Entrepreneurs, Raises Nearly $10,000 to Benefit Cancer Center

The First Annual Bucks County Women in Business Summit, orchestrated by the Sarah Peters Team of Keller Williams, featured nearly 100 local influential female entrepreneurs and business leaders.

On Oct. 19, approximately 100 local female entrepreneurs and business leaders attended a new networking event, the First Annual Women in Business Summit, at Peddler’s Village. The event, which debuted during National Women in Business Month, served as a night for inspiration, networking and speakers, as well as a fundraiser for the local cancer center, Kin Wellness and Support Center. By the end of the evening, nearly $10,000 was raised for the center.

From left to right: Gina Santoro of Giovanni’s Fine Fashions & Custom Tailoring, LLC, Sarah Peters of Sarah Peters Team and Kristina Fenimore, Director of Kin. Photo by Denise Seybert Photography.

“It’s powerful. So many local women are coming together from a multitude of backgrounds for this great cause. Some women own their own businesses, some play integral roles and some people are really coming just to be inspired for their future work,” said Sarah Peters, who organized the event along with her team at Keller Williams.

The evening began with a sip n’ shop throughout Pedder’s Village with a focus on women-owned stores, then led into networking with hor d’oeuvres, drinks and raffles followed up by featured speakers.

“We’re lucky to live and serve in a community that supports local businesses. It was meaningful to get together with other growth-minded individuals to be inspired and learn together while helping to raise funds that will support local cancer patients and their caregivers,” said Peters.

Peters opened the evening by thanking attendees for coming out and by sharing her own story of how cancer led her to becoming a part of the Kin community. She was followed by Gina Santoro, owner of Giovanni’s Fine Fashion, and Karen Thompson, owner of Lace Silhouettes Lingerie and LSL Brands and sponsor of the event, who each shared with attendees about their connection to running a business while also giving back to the community.

Karen Thompson, owner of Lace Silhouettes Lingerie and LSL Brands and sponsor of the event. Photo by Denise Seybert Photography.

“Whether you’re selling a bra or you’re selling a piece of denim that’s just stuff. But when your team feels that it’s purposeful, actually doing something that gives back to the community, it actually feels better for that individual and after doing this for 35 years it becomes way more than selling a garment,” said Thompson.

Thompson was followed by acclaimed Business Coach Robyn Graham, who served as the evening’s keynote speaker, and spoke to attendees on happiness and on achieving goals.

“The bad news is you can’t buy happiness, but the good news is you can choose to be happy. When I was asked to speak tonight about happiness and setting goals I thought, ‘wow, what am I going to talk about?’ But it’s actually really not that hard and I’m really excited to share that message with you and I really hope it resonates with you. You can even take some of these principles home and share them with your family,” said Graham to a rapt audience.

The First Annual Bucks County Women in Business Summit, 2023. Photo by Denise Seybert Photography.

Peters announced that plans are in the works for next year’s event. If you or someone you now is interested in attending next year (or to another fundraising event for Kin) visit their website at welcometokin.org. Bucks County Parent proudly attended this event and looks forward to connecting with more influential women in business!

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About Kin Wellness

Inspired by local Bucks County resident Corinne Sikora, who battled both brain and breast cancer, Kin is a unique wellness center that looks to satisfy the emotional, social and physical needs of cancer patients. The 5,000 square foot retreat offers support, fitness, therapy, and integrative services at no cost to Bucks County residents battling cancer. Kin’s mission is to help people find calm and peace and center themselves in a restorative environment. The success of Kin is made possible through generous donations from the local Bucks County Community.

Feature photo by Denise Seybert Photography.

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