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Why We Love Northampton Township, Bucks County

Meet the O. Family to learn why they love Northhampton Township thanks to Ivory Tree Portraits.

There’s no place like home, and for many of us, the love we have for our neighborhood runs deep. But what is it about the places we call home that inspires such devotion? In this series, we’ve invited a few of our Bucks County Parent Members to connect us with a local family they’ve served to explore why they love where they live.

Meet the O. Family from Northampton Township.

From the people and the culture to the natural beauty and the unique quirks, read on to find out why raising a family in Northampton Township, Bucks County holds such a special place in the O. Family’s hearts, thanks to Ivory Tree Portraits in Newtown.

What drew you to the neighborhood?

“Our neighbors!  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming when we moved in.  We also wanted to be in a good school district and heard great things about the Council Rock Schools.”

What does a typical weekend look like for your family?

“We usually spend early Saturday morning snuggling with Charlotte in bed and watch her favorite show – Cocomelon! Afterwards, we will go down for breakfast.  Charlotte will cook at her Step2 pretend kitchen while we whip up some delicious food and much needed coffee.  After breakfast, we usually have an outing as a family. 

During the fall and winter, we usually visit a local library (our favorite is Penn’s Little Village at the Langhorne Library) or the local mall/Ikea for some indoor play.  In the summer, we will go to a local park – Charlotte loves the slides at the Northampton Township Municipal Park.  After dinner, we will take turns cleaning up.  Charlotte will then play piano with mom, or hide-and-seek with dad, before winding down for bedtime.”

Which membership does your family get the most use out of?

“We joined the Friends of the Library program at our local library last fall.  It’s a great way to give back and get involved with the community.  In addition, we definitely used the museum pass benefits to plan weekend activities – such as to the Bucks County Children’s Museum and the Elmwood Zoo.”

Which local park or playground is your favorite place to hang out?

“Penn’s Little Village (indoor) at the Langhorne Library, Northampton Township Municipal Park, Warminster Community Park, Warwick Township Community Park (splash park) and Tyler State Park.”

What is the best piece of parenting advice you’ve received?

“Open their eyes and show them the world, whether it is through food, people, languages, experiences, or travel. And savor every moment, as kids will grow up in a blink of the eye!”

Tell us about a family tradition you have started.

“Like most parents, we are always taking lots of pictures and videos of Charlotte on our phone, and sharing them with our family and friends.   But we are also making a tradition of getting our family photos taken professionally.  Lara and her team at Ivory Tree Portraits have been absolutely phenomenal in capturing our memories with Charlotte! 

We have been lucky enough to have Kaeleigh as our photographer and “baby whisperer” each time, from when Charlotte was a newborn to now 20 months old.  The beautiful images she can capture in just 15 to 30 minutes is pure magic, especially when you have a sometimes uncooperative toddler.  The only downside is we always have a hard time choosing from the bunch!”

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