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Top 5 Questions asked of a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Mariah Martin gets asked a lot of questions about sleep. She’s sharing the top 5 most asked questions with us.


What Exactly Does Sleep Training Mean?

Sleep training is teaching your child to fall asleep independently. Once a baby or toddler is falling asleep on their own, they are capable of falling back to sleep on their own. They may still wake up during the night, everyone does, but they won’t need assistance to fall back asleep.


Does Sleep Training Mean Cry It Out?

Nope. There are so many sleep training methods and as a sleep consultant, Mariah rarely ever uses this one. Children cry because this is their only way to communicate. Learning the cries of your child is something every parent should do. How does it sound when they are hungry, frustrated, lonely, bored, or tired? Knowing your baby’s cry will help you understand what their needs are while sleep training so that you are able to respond correctly.


If I Sleep Train Does That Mean I Have To Wean My Baby?

Absolutely not! Sleep consultants work with breastfeeding moms who still want to nurse their children during the night. Mariah encourages her clients to get on an Eat-Play-Sleep schedule so that babies are eating when they wake up as opposed to when they go to sleep. This disassociates feeding with sleep. Babies can be fed during the night and then be put back in their bassinet or crib to fall back asleep on their own. 


What Age Should I Start Sleep Training?

You can start shaping your newborn’s sleep right from the beginning. Starting a good routine, getting lots of light during the day, then making the house quieter, and dimming the lights at night will help regulate your baby’s circadian rhythm. Getting on an Eat-Play-Sleep schedule at the beginning will also help your newborn create good sleep habits. Mariah typically starts to officially sleep train around 3-4 months and works with kids as old as 6 years old.


What Should I Expect While Working With a Sleep Coach

Expect to be consistent and follow the same plan and routine for two weeks. Mariah asks her clients to pick a two-week period where they aren’t traveling or have any social engagements. It’s important for children to have consistency without distractions or changing schedules. Expect to have an expert in your corner who is cheering you on and supporting you throughout the whole process!


You can follow Mariah Martin Sleep Consultant on Instagram for more sleep tips. Or check out her website at mariahmartinpostpartumdoula.com where you can schedule a complimentary discovery call with her to discuss your sleep struggles.


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Mariah helps parents to teach their children to fall asleep and back to sleep independently. Working virtually she will create a customized sleep plan that takes the guess work out of sleep training and support you throughout the entire process. Using gentle sleep methods that align with your parenting philosophies, Mariah will get the whole family sleeping better, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.