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The Grayson School Educates The Gifted Child

If you've been searching for a school for your gifted learner, learn why The Grayson School could be the right fit.

The Grayson School is an independent school for children who are gifted. Located in Broomall, they educate children from preschool through high school, aiming for authentic and inspired learning throughout each grade.


Raising a gifted child comes with its own challenges. The Grayson School has a history of supporting both parents and students in ways that meet their needs.


“It’s so important to me that the kids are fiercely engaged.  And leaning closer in class just isn’t enough. I need to help them go out into the world for material that they will drag back to their lair and feast on like wild animals.”  — Ally O’Rourke-Barrett, Director of Project-Based Learning


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The Grayson School is Pennsylvania’s first and only private school and weekend enrichment programs designed specifically to meet the needs of gifted learners. We currently offer grades pre-K-10, with plans to grow to be a Pre-K to 12th-grade school.