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8 Party Favors That Are Definitely Not Party Poopers (And Where to Find Them!)

Make sure your party's not a bust with these unique alternatives to party favors!

Party favor bags tend to get a bad rep around parent circles. Whether you’re throwing a party yourself or fortunate enough to be a guest, little goodie bags filled with plastic trinkets destined for the recycling bin have become the norm. But that doesn’t have to be the case! There are so many alternatives to the usual suspects (whistles, stickers, hard candies and other choking hazards).

Check out our list below for some unique ways to celebrate your next big shindig. Whether you’re planning your kid’s birthday party, a bridal shower or a bar/bat mitzvah, these “party favors” are sure to be a hit with both parents and kids alike!

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Plant Seeds

Photo courtesy of Terrain Doylestown

Give your guests the gift of a green thumb. Seeds are a wonderful favor because there are so many to choose from! Do you give your guests wildflowers? Sunflowers? Or perhaps inspire them to start their own vegetable garden. Check out Terrain at Delaware Valley University – Doylestown and buy seeds individually or in bulk and package them up yourself with a cute little message. A similar idea – give them a succulent, they’re small and require very little care.

Swim Towel

This summer, I was at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party she hosted at a local spray park. The kids were given swim towels as their favors to dry off with. Favors that serve a function are the best! Check out Sand Cloud Beach Towels at Serendipity of Doylestown. This eco conscious brand helps save the fishies while creating light weight, sand resistant towels so it counts as a charitable donation too. Another example? Flip flops at a wedding so guests can take off their dress shoes or high heels and really enjoy the reception!

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift card? If you’re throwing an ice cream social with a make-your-own sundae bar, why not send your guests off with a gift card to Baskin Robbins? Or better yet, one of our local creameries, like Owowcow, which has not one but five convenient locations throughout Bucks County. Now that’s sweet!

Cookies (Or Other Sweet Treats)

Photo courtesy of Cassandra’s Cookies

End your celebration on a sugar high note with edible party favors that both look AND taste great. Click that order request form with Cassandra’s Cookies and you won’t regret it! She’s a local licensed Home Baker in Levitown that specializes in sugar cookies for special occasions.


Image courtesy of Scholastic Books

Scholastic, which is probably hosting a drive at your school at this very moment, offers a large selection of books for all ages at reasonable prices, some as low as 99 cents. Whether it’s Dr. Seuss, Clifford the Big Red Dog or P, you can probably find a book to match any party theme. Or check out your local book store, like Central Books in Doylestown, which has a great selection of used books at a fraction of the retail price.


Photo Courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo

Let your child choose a charity or organization that appeals to them or that even goes with the party theme. Having a jungle themed party? Donate to the Elmwood Park Zoo or Philadelphia Zoo. Have a card for guests to sign and then send off the card with a donation for what you would have spent on goodie bags. If you must send them home with something, grab some animal stickers and call it a day!


Image courtesy of Jazams

Noodlies fulfill the fun of playing with your food…without the mess – and they helps promote focus, attention and centerin. You can squeeze, stretch, knot, or mash these elastic noodles to your heart’s desire. Noodlies are brightly colored in 5 fluorescent tones (you can buy several packs and hand them out individually). Find them at Jazams in Peddler’s Village.

Bath Bombs

Photo courtesy of Pineapple on Main

Bath Bombs make bath time fun for both kids and adults! Not only do they come in all sorts of shapes and scents, but they can be exciting (like the ones that fizz and bubbl) or just plain relaxing (try an aoromatic scent). Check out Pineapple on Main in Dublin for their selection of bath products!

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