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Expansion Speech Therapy

Expansion Speech Therapy, LLC is a pediatric speech therapy practice that offers personalized treatment to both children and their family.


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Expansion Speech Therapy

Expansion Speech Therapy, LLC is a pediatric speech therapy practice that offers personalized treatment to both children and their family. Individualized intervention is their expertise and family involvement in therapy is vital to children's growth and success.

They work with families using their child centered team approach. They work with you to expand your child’s communication, feeding, and play skills - with a little help them, and a lot of love and support.

Expansion Speech Therapy can’t wait to be a part of your child's journey!


$10 off speech, AAC, or feeding session if you schedule 3 or more sessions.

* Sessions must be paid in advance.

2022 LOVE Award Winner: Best Developmental Services

Family Focus Media has been building community with Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family since 2010 and our annual LOVE Awards celebrate the BEST local resources for families, thanks to thousands of nominations like this one:

My husband and I are overwhelmingly thankful for Casey from Expansion Speech Therapy. Casey stepped in from day one to help us learn how to feed our little girl. She showed us the proper techniques for holding baby and bottle; ways to burp, how to position baby for breastfeeding, and some simple pumping basics. Casey eased our minds and helped to encourage our newborn to feed. We also had the added challenge of a tongue tie - Casey was able to walk us through that process and proved to be a deep source of guidance and support. Being new parents is incredibly stressful and overwhelming; as my husband and I discovered, you are given no manual and sent home with minimal training! Yes, for sure you can hear and try to absorb all the advice from friend and family but you learn literally by trial by error. The best part; however, about the world today, is there are resources and accesses to unyielding amounts of data at your fingertips 24/7! Sifting through the useable material and pertinent information is the key and can be mind-boggling especially in the wee hours of the morning. The experiences and hands on personalized guidance and plan from Expansion Speech Therapy helped us to navigate the information into consumable stage by stage tips and practices that profoundly helped us and took the mystery out of being new parents. Casey is a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful to have her in our back pocket for all things speech-language and eating related! The transition to parenthood is tough but it's so much easier with great caregivers and experts such as Casey and Amy! I highly recommend their customizable services, platform and guidance.


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1 review
  • Kelly P.

    Amy is amazing and has worked hard from the first meeting to help our son find a communication system and tailor it to him. She continually changes what she is doing depending on the day he is having and is always brainstorming new ideas when he is having a hard time. We are very fortunate to have found Amy!

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